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A mini-interview with the founder of Sjöstrand

In a mini-interview with the founders of Sjöstrand, Jenny Svensson and Niklas Gustavsson, we talk about sustainability and Sjöstrand’s collaboration with Vi-Agroforestry, an organization that plants trees and helps fight poverty.

The whole concept of Sjöstrand is built on sustainability. Tell us more!

We want to affect the consumption of coffee in a good way and in our case, it’s about offering an environmentally friendly concept option on the market. When we founded Sjöstrand Coffee Concept, we focused on producing a design that would fit into as many settings as possible and through that establish sustainability. At the same time, our focus every day is on improving the quality in everything that we do. Our design and quality in unity will together minimize the harmful consumption that exists today and offer products that have the longest life-span possible.

Coffee and our coffee capsules are a consumption product and the most sustainable option for the environment is composting. We must, to our furthest extent, strive to make sure that what comes from the earth goes back into the earth. Our capsule is produced with energy from the sun, wind, water and biogas. We climate compensate for our transports, our coffee is 100% organically grown and our capsules are produced from bark and plant fibers and therefore compostable. Our capsule becomes soil within 23 weeks in a garden compost.

Sjöstrand has climate compensated for parts of its transports together with Vi-Agroforestry since 2016. What is the nature of your collaboration?

Vi-Agroforestry offers companies a very efficient way of climate compensating for its carbon dioxide emissions through a certified carbon dioxide storage in trees and agriculture lands. This means that as a company, you can keep track of your carbon dioxide emissions, especially the ones from your transports. Furthermore, you can invest in tree plantations through Vi-Agroforestry, since trees store carbon dioxide, and therefore climate compensate for your emissions.

Why did you choose to collaborate with Vi-Agroforestry?

Vi-Agroforestry makes a difference for those affected the hardest by climate change. The organization works in four countries around the Victoria lake in east-Africa: Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. Climate compensating through Vi-Agroforestry leads to a lot of good changes: fighting poverty since tree plantation creates jobs, and improving the environment because trees and agriculture lands binds carbon dioxide and through that minimizes our impact on the environment.

The people who are affected the hardest from climate change can through our support and Vi-Agroforestry’s work improve their harvest and adapt easier to a changing climate.

How does Sjöstrands work for sustainability look like in general?

We try to avoid printed materials as much as possible through working electronically. For the printed materials that we need, such as our packaging, we look for the best sustainable options possible. For example, we always search for the FSC lable or a sign for recycling. We also travel to work by commuter traffic and spend time at conventions like Matologi to spread our message.

How do you see the future though a sustainable perspective?

We were one of the first companies within the segment of capsule coffee that focused on sustainability and the environment with the goal of reaching the smallest environmental impact possible. We had a grand vision to change a whole segment of coffee consumption. We have come a few steps on the way and today there are several good and sustainable options on the market. However, there’s still work to be done. There are some fantastic challenges now and in the future regarding the environment and sustainability, and we hope to be a contributing force for change for a long time to come. No one is too small to contribute, and together we can truly make a difference!


When you shop products from Sjöstrand during the month of October, 10% of the profits are given to the work of Vi-Agroforestry. In addition, you get 10% off your entire purchase.

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