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Our Concept is built by a family with a passion for sustainability, design and – of course – delicious coffee. We believe in being an inspiration for a greener lifestyle with simple, yet groundbreaking innovations.

  • Free shipping on orders over 50€

Coffee Subscriptions

Sjöstrand No. 1 Espresso 10 capsules

Subscribe to Coffee

Is there anything worse than realising you’re out of coffee when you need it the most? 

Every day gets a little easier with a cup of coffee in your hand. Make it simple for yourself  and set up a coffee subscription. You can chose any standard flavour from Sjöstrand, the number of capsules, and the frequency. Then we’ll take care of the rest and make sure that you’ll always have organic and climate positive coffee at home when you need it. Your coffee is on time before you’ll ever runt out.  

Start the day in a good way. Make sure your coffee makes its way to your kitchen by itself, and forget mornings without coffee. 

How to subscribe

Start your coffee subscription

On the product page, you’ll have a choice of choosing “One-time purchase” or “Subscribe.” Choose “Subscribe” and the delivery frequency of your choice. Hit “Buy Now.”

Once in your cart, you can choose the amount of coffee that you would like to receive. If you’d like to add other flavours and sizes combined in your subscription delivery, simply choose the same frequency option for these and add them to your cart before checkout. 

One-time purchases can also be added to the same checkout cart. Simply choose “One-time purchase” for that specific item.

Can I make changes to my coffee subscription? 

You are both able to pause and end your coffee subscription at any time. If you want a new flavour, frequency, or amount of capsules, it’s easiest to end your subscription and start a new one.   

Do you want more capsules of the same flavour? Then you can keep your current subscription and add a new one on top of the old one. But our recommendation is to end the current subscription and start a brand new one with your new preferences. It will give you a better overview and minimise any admin of payments. After all, subscriptions are meant to make life easier.

Can I pause my coffee subscription? 

Absolutely! It’s as simple as getting started. Log in to your account and click “Pause” for the specific subscription that you want to pause. As long as we haven’t started to process your order, it will be immediately paused. Otherwise, it will be paused by the next delivery date.  When you want to reactivate the date, you simply click on the “Renew” button under the subscription you want to get started with. The subscription is then started anew from the date you reactivated it and will be delivered by the same frequency as before.

Can I end my coffee subscription?

Sure! You can easily end your subscription as there is no binding time. Log in on your account at our website and chose “Cancel subscription”. The subscription will be cancelled as soon as possible. If we have started to send out your next delivery, your subscription will be cancelled by the next delivery date. You get access to your account via email when you start your coffee subscription.

Payment and Shipping

How does billing work? 

Payments work just as when you perform a common purchase, but reoccurring. It is paid in connection with your delivery. For instance, If you place your order on the 8th, this will also be the date of your first payment. The following payments will be made in connection with your following deliveries based on the frequency plan you chose. If you have a weekly subscription plan, the next payment will be made 1 week after your first order, the next week after that, and so on. If you have a monthly plan, then your payments will be made monthly.  

Can I use discount codes on my coffee subscription?

Discount codes that work with a purchase can be used for your initial order but are never valid on recurring transactions. As discount codes normally can’t be used with an already discounted product, these won’t be appliable to already discounted subscription prices.  But it’s always possible to use a discount code on other products in your checkout cart while you initiate a subscription.

Is free shipping applied to a coffee subscription? 

Shipping-wise, a subscription works exactly as a standard purchase. If the value on your subscription reaches our Free Shipping limit of 50 EURO or more, the subscription is set for free shipping. In that way it can gain both you and the environment by planning for larger, but fewer subscriptions. As always, our large boxes with 100 capsules of original flavours are always qualify for free shipping. A coffee subscription of a large box of coffee capsules is therefore always guaranteed free shipping.

When is my coffee shipped?

We handle your deliveries just as if you would have made your order manually on the website, which is within 24 hours on weekdays. This means that your coffee will be in place within 1-2 working days

Which flavour suits me? 

Want to know which flavour might be your favourite? Check out our coffee flavour table

Sjöstrand No. 1 Espresso 10 capsules

No. 1

Sjöstrand No. 2 Espresso 10 capsules

No. 2

Sjöstrand No. 3 Lungo 10 capsules

No. 3

Sjöstrand No. 4 Espresso Decaf 10 capsules

No. 4

Sjöstrand No. 5 Espresso & Lungo 10 capsules

No. 5











Coffee Flavors

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