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Crayfish Parties

August is the season of the crayfish in Sweden and it is common to participate in one or more crayfish parties before the month is over. The start date of the season is called “crayfish premiere” and the shellfish lovers are often eager to initiate the first party on this day. 

Why crayfish?

Although it is a shellfish, it’s not treated as a luxurious food item in other parts of the world, and in Sweden, it’s a common shellfish that can be caught in lakes and the west coast of the country. It has been served as a complementary food item during religious fasting and as a good meal for farmers. There has been a ban on fishing crayfish in Sweden between November and the 7th of August of each year, hence the idea of the crayfish premiere, which traditionally was set on the 7th of August. Since the ban has been lifted, it has been moved to the first Wednesday of August, and the love for crayfish lives on to this day. 

Moon lanterns


While Midsummer is a celebration of the sun and Mother Earth, the crayfish parties pay their respects towards the moon. During the month of August, the moon hangs up in the sky larger than usual with a deep orange colour. It’s a phenomenon known as August Moon in Sweden. The moon is also the symbol of many of the decorations at crayfish parties, with the most traditional one being the August Moon lantern. As shellfish is quite a sloppy dish to eat, it’s mandatory to have napkins and matching hats. 

Crayfish Party Supplements

One is never wrong with coffee in Sweden even at a party such as the crayfish party, so make sure that you always have a cup ready if anyone of you guests would want one (or several). We got you covered with the things you need for this specific coffee occasion.

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