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Our Concept is built by a family with a passion for sustainability, design and – of course – delicious coffee. We believe in being an inspiration for a greener lifestyle with simple, yet groundbreaking innovations.

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A brass treatment of the stainless steel that made our espresso capsule machine a favourite among design enthusiasts is a natural evolutionary step due to brass’ well-known decorative and timeless appeal.

Its sleek shell houses high quality parts that are carefully assembled with the fundamental purpose of brewing the best possible coffee out of coffee capsules. Espresso capsule machines brew coffee by flash-heating just the right amount of water and pressuring it through a compressed bed of fine coffee grounds. In addition to great-tasting coffee, this method of brewing is also great for the environment in that it uses the least amount of energy, water, and coffee per cup. 

Espresso Machine Brass Capsule Container


The brass-finished stainless steel construction and classic Scandinavian design offer a neutral tone that looks good in any environment. Whether your home is contemporary, industrial, modern, rustic, or something more eclectic, the minimalist, timeless design could mean the last coffee-related hardware upgrade for you. 


With 19 bars of pressure and consistent water temperature, every single cup is a faithful delivery of all the flavours, aromas, and textures of your coffee of choice. 

Espresso Machine Brass Capsule Inlet


Inside the sleek and durable shell is a mindful assembly of parts of the highest standards that are modular for ease of servicing or repair. Eliminating the need to purchase a new machine due to either broken parts and/or trend changes gives it a sustainable and circular economy-supportive edge. 

We do this with an ambitious focus on quality improvement. Our latest round of improvements include the following: 

  • More robust gaskets that are more resistant to wear and tear 
  • An improved brewing unit that can handle different pod materials more effectively 
  • A descaling alarm that lets you know when it’s time to descale your machine 
  • Reduced vibrations through changes made around the pump house 
  • An optimised flow through the nozzle to decrease the risk of clogging


Our very own design has been a favourite kitchen appliance among lovers of timeless design, sustainable alternatives, and of course, great-tasting coffee since its initial release in 2012. 


Veering away from the standard espresso or lungo brew ratios can lead to unique, personalized taste experiences. Use the multifunction cup size buttons to select, save, and reset coffee output selections. 


Our espresso machine has compact dimensions and yet enough capacities for long use without any interferences. The machine is equipped with a high-volume water tank and a capsule container. Adjust your machine to individual cup sizes easily by shifting or removing the drip tray. 

Pump pressure19 bars
Capsule container capacity15 capsules
Removable water tank volume1.2 litres
Drip trayAdjustable and removable
Brew ratio / cup sizingAutomatic and programmable
Power Saver modeActivates after 10 minutes
PowerAC220-240V, 50-60Hz, 1200-1400W
Weight4 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) in mmStandard: 259 x 186 x 336
Without drip tray: 259 x 186 x 230
With lever up: 328 x 186 x 336
Base to nozzle: 170
Drip tray to nozzle:108 (max)

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