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Breakfast at the sea

French press is one of the most common and oldest ways to brew coffee. Using a French press is an easy way to make coffee, as all you need is a press jug, ground coffee and boiling water. 

Easy to use a French Press

This is how easy it is to brew with the French press:

How to use your French Press - Step 1

Boil water 
Ideally, the water should be between 92-96 degrees Celsius. There are some kettles where you can set the temperature. If, on the other hand, you have a kettle that only boils water to 100 degrees, you can wait about 30 seconds before pouring the water into the jug. 

How to use your French Press - Step 2

Grind your coffee beans coarse-grained or use pre-ground. There is pre-ground coffee that is specially ground to suit a French press. 

How to use your French Press - Step 3

Pour the ground coffee into the French press jug. As a rule of thumb, calculate 10 grams per 1.5 dl of water. Pour a third of the water over the coffee and stir around one or two turns in the jug. This should be done carefully. Wait about 30 seconds and then pour in the rest of the water. It is important that all coffee powder is covered by the water, so that the taste gets as good as possible. 

How to use your French Press - Step 4

Let steep 
Put on the lid of the French press, without pushing down the filter. Then let the coffee stand and steep for three to four minutes, depending on how much coffee you make. If you make coffee for up to three cups, it is often enough to let it stand for three minutes, if you make more coffee than that, it can be good to let it stand for around four minutes. 

How to use your French Press - Step 5

Press, don’t push 
Slowly press down the filter. Be sure to hold the press jug firmly and on a flat surface to prevent coffee powder from getting past the edges of the strainer. 

How to use your French Press - Step 6

Serve and enjoy! Always do this immediately when the coffee is done. Any coffee left in the jug will keep on brewing which will ruin the flavour, why it is necessary to serve fresh. If coffee grounds remain at the bottom of the jug, and it is left to stand for a long time, the coffee will become bitter. If not all coffee is poured into cups at once, you can pour the remaining coffee into a thermos to stop the brewing. 

Taste differs from regular brew coffee 

It can be good to know that the amount of coffee oils is higher in French press coffee than in coffee that has been brewed with a paper filter. The reason for this is that the oils pass through the metal filter in press brewers, while it gets stuck in paper filters in other types of brewing machines. Whether you prefer coffee with or without coffee oils is a matter of taste and can vary. 

French Press with Strawberry Cake
French Press with Fruits

Clean properly your French Press

One thing that is sometimes highlighted as a disadvantage of French presses is the cleaning. As the filter is stuck in the brewer itself, this also needs to be cleaned, which can be a bit difficult sometimes. When cleaning, it is recommended that you disassemble each part of the filter and clean the parts separately – and then reassemble it when you use it again. Remember to throw the coffee grounds in the compost or household rubbish as coffee grounds can cause a blockage in the drain. You can also use it as a natural fertiliser if blended well with soil it works well with flowers such as roses or vegetables such as carrots, and tomatoes. 

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