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Our Concept is built by a family with a passion for sustainability, design and – of course – delicious coffee. We believe in being an inspiration for a greener lifestyle with simple, yet groundbreaking innovations.

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Limited Edition Bam Bam

We at Sjöstrand have partnered with the Swedish specialty coffee company, Lykke kaffegårdar, in developing an espresso capsule that ticks all the right boxes of what makes coffee great. Wanna feel BAM BAM’s impact? Try reading the lines below out loud and say “BAM!” after each one. 

The beans used in the Limited Edition BAM BAM blend are grown in Lykke kaffegårdar’s own small farms in Espiritó Santo, Brazil and Agua de Nieves, Peru. 

The Coffee’s Origins 


About 400 km north of Rio de Janeiro are the coffee regions of Espiritó Santo and Caparaó. In contrast to the regions further west where the coffee plantations are massive, flat, and operated by machines, the farms in Espiritó Santo and Caparaó are smaller and situated on much steeper slopes, and are run by families and managed by hand with immense care.  

Region: Bateia, Castelo – Espiritó Santo 
Altitude: 800-1200 m 
Process: Pulped/Natural.  
Right after harvesting, the coffee cherries are peeled and separated from their pulp, after which they are dried out in the open highland breeze and sun. 

Bam Bam in the nature


To get to the small farm in Agua de Nieve from the Peruvian capital, Lima, one must cross the Andean mountains and through the coffee-growing regions of Selva Central. The name Agua de Nieve, directly translated to “snow water,” is said to have gotten its name as an honor to the melting snow water that pours down from the Andean peaks, which today nourishes the soil where the coffee plants grow. 

Region: Agua de Nieves, Monobamba 
Altitude: 1600-2100 m 
Process: Washed Process.  
The coffee cherries are peeled off their pulp and left to rest in their sugar mucilage for 24-36 hours. During these hours, the sugar is dissolved through a fermentation process, after which the beans are washed in fresh spring water to remove any remaining pulp, and then dried slowly and evenly on raised tables. 

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