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Our Concept is built by a family with a passion for sustainability, design and – of course – delicious coffee. We believe in being an inspiration for a greener lifestyle with simple, yet groundbreaking innovations.

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2021 has properly kicked off! 

2020 was a turbulent year for us all. For the first time, we were faced with a global pandemic that would change our lives overnight. Many European countries have lived in lockdown and we’ve had to get used to working from home. This increased the need for high quality coffee with a sustainable concept. Digitalisation ramped up and distribution via online channels increased rapidly.

I started as CEO in June 2020 with the mission of pushing an ambitious agenda for this company. Our vision is to become an impact unicorn, i.e. a company that improves the lives of a billion people but at the same time, minimizes its climate footprint. This vision is built on a circular business model where our machines are built to the highest quality and are also repairable in a way that makes them last a lifetime. To be successful in this aspect, we have developed a close cooperation with service workshops in Sweden, Germany, Austria and Schweiz. During Black Week, we released our recycle concept under the slogan “Black Week becomes Green Week” where newly repaired machines were sold with a 2-year customer warranty. This was by far our most successful campaign of 2020 and through these recycled machines, Sjöstrand has achieved a circular business model, both for our machines and for our coffee.

We are happy to present new partners in Europe

Our success is built on strong partnerships and we are so happy to present a couple of our new partners in Europe.

Glop Studio, has a successful record working with Scandinavian brands in markets like France, Andorra and Monaco.

Persell Saleshas an equally strong set up for the Netherlands and Belgium

GRIND, is driving the coffee trend in UK and we are truly happy to run a co-branding partnership in this market.

Dross & Schaffer Groupis the leading Kitchen Supplier Group in Germany and Sjöstrand is present in a large number of the Kitchen Studios since fall 2020.

Meet Samuel Bergman

”I usually start the day with an espresso”.

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Focus on quality improvement

Ambitious quality work with focus on sustainability.

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2021 has properly kicked off!

Sjöstrand CEO summarises 2020 and provides insights into 2021.

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Reseller news

New in-store displays and more.

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Sjöstrand in the media

The new campaign from Sjöstrand Coffee.

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Sjöstrand Coffee assortment

See all the products from Sjöstrand Coffee.

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