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Our Concept is built by a family with a passion for sustainability, design and – of course – delicious coffee. We believe in being an inspiration for a greener lifestyle with simple, yet groundbreaking innovations.

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Sjöstrand Stories

31 August, 2018

Introducing three new types of coffee! 2018

We are proud to have launched three new flavors in our espresso series. Two single origins and a long-awaited lungo now round off our assortment. Our 100% ecologically grown coffee is packed in a home compostable capsule – something we were the first in the world to introduce to the market.

N°7 Ethiopian Sidamo Single origin is a medium roasted, smooth coffee with hints of dark chocolate, citrus and cherries. Perfect as an espresso!

N°8 Lungo by Sjöstrand is our second capsule specially designed for lungo. It is intensely roasted and big on flavour, with hints of dark chocolate. Enjoy it just the way it is, in a little bigger espresso cup.

N°9 Colombian Single origin has rich notes of caramelized sugar. Perfect as espresso, or for cappuccino and latte. A capsule for those who want to vary their coffee!

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10 April, 2018

New home compostable coffee capsules

Finally, all types of coffee are back in stock again. And at the same time, we are pleased to announce that we have taken sustainability to a new level! Our new capsule is the world’s first home compostable capsule and decomposes in a garden compost in about 23 weeks. This is something we have been working towards for a long time, and it is an important part of Sjöstrands journey towards a more sustainable world!

The new capsule comes at a slightly higher price – but a much lower price for the environment. All coffee blends are still the same and the coffee is 100% organic.

We are celebrating this by giving you 10% off your next order with the code april2018. The offer is valid until 30th of April 2018.

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Sjöstrand French Press in Stainless-Steel

26 February, 2018

Sjöstrand is launching a new range of coffee accessories

We’re proud to announce that we’re launching a new range of coffee accessories to complement our espresso machines. First off is Sjöstrand’s French Press – also a Swedish design in stainless-steel with a mirror finish.

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14 December, 2017

Merry Christmas greeting!

Så här 10 dagar innan jul vill vi skicka en hälsning från Stockholms Skärgård där idén till Sjöstrand Coffee Concept föddes, en jul för några år sedan. Än idag är det här vi får vår inspiration och det är här vi driver vårt företag. Vi vill tacka alla våra Sjöstrand-kunder för ett fantastiskt år! Extra glada är vi att allt fler börjar hitta våra kaffemaskiner och kapslar – både i och utanför Sveriges gränser. För varje gång en ny maskin eller ett gäng biologiskt nedbrytbara kaffekapslar hittar hem till någon ny blir vi ännu mer övertygade om att hållbarhet i kombination med klassisk svenskt design, är precis rätt väg att gå!

Beställ senast tisdagen den 19 december för leverans innan jul.


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21 November, 2017

The architects at Space Copenhagen drinks coffee from Sjöstrand

Many companies choose our products for their offices, even outside Sweden. The architects at Space Copenhagen, Denmark, drink coffee from Sjöstrand.

Contact us if you want Sjöstrand’s products in your office.

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26 October, 2017

New retailer of Sjöstrand Coffee’s espresso machine in Germany

Now you can find Sjöstrand Coffee’s products in more locations in Germany. Kochbar is one of our new retailers in Germany. The Kochbar store sells exclusive design products within the kitchen segment.

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Espressomachine and Milk Frother with a plant in front of purple background

26 October, 2017

Get started with your Sjöstrand espresso machine

Get started with your espresso machine using our quick guide, HERE!

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13 September, 2017

NK Coffee, Tea and Chocolate in Gothenburg

Sjöstrand Coffee’s products can be found in all locations around the country. Since this summer you will find Sjöstrand’s products at NK Coffee, Tea and Chocolate in Gothenburg.

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1 September, 2017

Hotel Concordia in Lund has chosen Sjöstrand Coffee

The personal and family-run Hotel Concordia in Lund has chosen Sjöstrand Coffee. You will find the coffee machine and coffee capsules in the hotel lounge, breakfast room and conference rooms.

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24 August, 2017

Meet us at Matologi in Stockholm this Saturday!

ThisSaturday,August26,between 12:00 and18:00.10and17youwillmeetusatMatologi. MeetusatMatologiinStockholm this Saturday!, the knowledgefestivalaboutfood,wasteandclimateatNorraLatinsSkolgårdinStockholm. SustainabilityisoneofSjöstrand’smostimportantissuesandthereforeweareproudtobepartofMatology,whichforthethirdyearinarow is organizedbytheSwedishUniversityof Agricultural Sciences.Meetusthere,tasteourcoffeeandtalkaboutourbiodegradablecoffeecapsules!



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