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There’s a saying that goes “Face spring in Paris, Christmas is nowhere like home, but summer is probably best in the Nordics. The sun tends to never set, and the people never sleep”. Swedes are some of the world’s most passionate coffee drinkers, and it’s a mix of sunlight, summer leave, and coffee that substantially raises their energy levels. This is evident with the long list of Swedish summer celebrations.

Summer Parties

Summer Parties

Summertime in Sweden is a high time for celebrations (and bright clothing). It normally starts with the day of the Swedish flag on June 6th, then followed by a string of graduation parties, then an explosion of Midsummer’s Eve (midsommar) festivities all over the country by the end of June. From there on, weddings and house parties are of abundance. The summer season is usually culminated with traditional crayfish parties (kräftskiva) late in the season where lots of shellfish, particularly crayfish, are feasted upon.

Summer - Island

Summer Leave

Midsummer is the most well-known part of Swedish culture, and summer leave might be the second most well-known for anyone who even had to work with a Swede. The Swedish law states that all employees are eligible for a minimum of three weeks of summer leave in a row during the summer months of June and August. This basically makes most of Sweden on leave during July – a period called “industry vacation,” which is something that provides both a laid-back atmosphere and a time for more social gatherings.


In Sweden, one is never far from a fika, which is basically a coffee break, preferably with company and pastries. This makes coffee the obvious choice of beverage regardless of the season or occasion be it indoors or outdoors. With that said, it doesn’t mean that Swedes don’t like to switch things up a bit from the more traditional hot coffee options every now and then. Cold coffee drinks are also go-to options in warmer summer days.

Summer Deals

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