Sjöstrand Coffee is thrilled to announce an exclusive design collaboration with acclaimed Swedish jewelry brand Maria Nilsdotter. This partnership celebrates a groundbreaking fusion of Scandinavian design and luxury, merging Maria Nilsdotter’s maximalistic world of enchantment with Sjöstrand’s minimalistic design philosophy, resulting in a unique design to the world of coffee. The collaboration consists of a limited amount of custommade coffee machines, available for pre-order from the 18th of June to the 5th of July at a price of 1400 € or 15000 SEK.


Founded in 2013, Sjöstrand Coffee has redefined the coffee capsule experience with its commitment to design, sustainability, and quality. Maria Nilsdotter, known for her enchanting jewelry designs that draw from historical sagas and contemporary tales, brings an artistic edge that aligns perfectly with Sjöstrand’s vision of elevating daily rituals.

The collaboration includes a limited-edition version of The Original designed with classic elements from the world of Maria Nilsdotter. The result is a multi-layered narrative of both brands' heritage, infusing the clean lines of Nordic design with Maria's bold, maximalist aesthetic.



“The Claw'' - originally crafted as part of Maria's graduation collection at Central Saint Martin's College, has evolved into an iconic piece that beautifully encapsulates the duality of strength and vulnerability. In this collaboration, “The Claw'' has been reimagined on the handle of the coffee machine, combining the looks of a classic Italian barista machine with the classic Nilsdotter element resulting in a unique synthesis of styles.

Other details applied to the machine are spikes and studs, a consistent feature in Maria Nilsdotter's creative portfolio. Their significance was firmly cemented in 2014 with the debut of the "My Town" collection where Maria wanted to pay homage to her hometown, Stockholm, and its rich architectural tapestry incorporating elements like towers, spikes, and spears. 


– Both Sjöstrand and Maria Nilsdotter cater to the design-focused audience that appreciates high levels of craftsmanship, so there was a natural connection from the beginning. We approached Maria Nilsdotter with the idea of a collaboration because we believed there is a fascinating contrast between her unique and maximalistic approach to Scandinavian design and our more minimalistic design. So, by combining our two worlds, we have been able to create something truly unique, John Ekeberg, CEO & Partner at Sjöstrand Coffee.


– I find this meeting of two Scandinavian brands with a shared passion for craftsmanship and timeless products very interesting. We have distinctly different aesthetics, but I love how they clash in a surprising and beautiful way. I've always explored different worlds in my artistry and it's been fun to use details from my jewelry universe as a way of decorating homeware, Maria Nilsdotter Creative Director & Designer.



About Sjöstrand Coffee

Sjöstrand Coffee. Sjöstrand Coffee. is a pioneer in the coffee capsule industry, known for its Scandinavian design, craftsmanship, and sustainable initiatives. Founded in Stockholm, the company aims to perfect the everyday coffee experience with beautiful machines, high-quality coffee, and accessories that are both eco-friendly and elegant.

About Maria Nilsdotter

Maria Nilsdotter launched her eponymous jewelry line in 2007. Her designs, characterized by a blend of fantasy and intricate detail, have garnered a global following and established her as one of Sweden's most innovative jewelry designers.

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