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The moment Gunnar Stein Jonsson and his wife Elisabet saw Sjöstrand’s espresso machine at the Artilleriet shop in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2017, they knew they had to bring it to Iceland. The machine's striking design and Sjöstrand's focus on sustainability made them confident it would resonate with Icelanders, who have a strong climate focus. Together with their Icelandic business partners, Álfrún and Viktor, they launched Sjöstrand in Iceland.

Their timing was perfect, as Sjöstrand entered the market at a time when climate consciousness was growing in Iceland, a country where people are closely connected to nature. The brand's strong, creative, and personal concept also resonated well with consumers.

According to Gunnar, Icelanders have a keen eye for design, and Sjöstrand's espresso machine is considered the most beautiful on the market. The launch event in December 2017 was a resounding success, with the first delivery selling out immediately. Sjöstrand's coffee capsules are now available in select grocery stores and prominent design shops throughout Iceland.

Recently, the team has expanded its focus to the professional market, with Sjöstrand's espresso machines now installed in all 77 rooms at Hotel Geysir, along with larger coffee machines at the breakfast buffet. Gunnar believes that Iceland is a trend barometer, and the increasing demand for quality coffee at home and work is a clear indication of this.

Since December 2019, Sjöstrand has had a showroom in Reykjavik where customers can enjoy a good cup of coffee and experience the brand's products firsthand. Gunnar and Elisabet's passion and commitment to Sjöstrand have made it a true Icelandic success story. So if you're ever in Reykjavik, be sure to stop by and try Sjöstrand's premium coffee capsules for yourself.

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