Espresso Martini (3-pack) & Glasses (2-pack)

650 kr
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Espresso Martini Capsules:
A powerful espresso with nuances of walnut, ginger, and caramel make this blend very appealing when used in a combination to create Espresso Martini. The Moccarabica Organic is an absolute gem, with it's pronounced character and fantastic body. This blend consists of coffee varieties originating from Guatemala, Honduras, and Costa Rica. Alcohol not included. 

The three boxes includes 10x3 capsules = 30 in total 

A set of two Espresso Martini glasses 24c, made for any cocktail occasion. Specially designed for Martinis and Champagne, and made of crystal glass for optimal clarity and durability. 

Dishwasher safe!

The perfect bundle for the perfect gift.