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Our Concept is built by a family with a passion for sustainability, design and – of course – delicious coffee. We believe in being an inspiration for a greener lifestyle with simple, yet groundbreaking innovations.

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Espresso Machine

There are not that many products that get as much attention as the Sjöstrand Espresso Machine. The sleek Swedish design, durable material, and sustainability approach is easy to like. But there is more to this espresso capsule machine than what first meets the eye.


The first thing you might notice is the very nice cup of coffee it brews. It is built with a 19 bar high-pressure pump which sets the ideal pressure for the perfect ‘Crema’. The temperature of the water is also a bit colder than a regular coffee brewer in order to make the perfect espresso and bring out the best aroma. This is possible with a single-serve espresso machine, as you brew each cup when it is ready to be served, instead of letting it sit as with a regular coffee machine. Something that makes your cup even more sustainable as you decrease the risk of brewing too much or too soon. In this way, a capsule coffee machine is much more efficient and green, as food waste creates about three times more greenhouse gases than aviation.

Meaningful design and function

There is a purpose behind the look of the espresso machine. The Scandinavian design is both appreciated by many and over time. A design that can fit into many different kinds of homes as well as through the ages. Both in terms of look and material, as the stainless steel gives a classy mirror finish, as well as a durable shell. Which serves its purpose of being used over and over again, reducing the risk of buying a new machine because of trend changes. It is simply made to stand time.

Another function of the design is that the machine is made so that it easily can be picked apart. This way of manufacturing was more common during earlier days of production, while it was still common to repair your machines over buying new ones. But as modern production has aimed to speed up and be more cost-efficient, the ease to repair has gotten lost along the way. By going back to the old ways of manufacturing, the Sjöstrand Espresso Machine is not only built to last but it is also built with the right to be repaired.

Sustainability and service

The right to repair is an important part of Sjöstrand’s sustainability approach. Did you know that just within the EU, consumers produce 9.5 million tons of e-waste in a year? About a third of the waste is recycled, while 6.2 million tonnes are not taken care of properly. That is a big amount of waste. As a manufacturer and supplier of consumer electronics, Sjöstrand recognise the part we take in this problem and aim to minimise the waste.

Traditional manufacturing is based on using natural resources into a product that sooner or later goes to waste. This linear economy approach has been challenged with the help of more refined ways of recycling and reusing materials instead of sourcing new ones. But recycling is only one solution to the problem. Sjöstrand’s approach is to have a fully circular espresso machine.

We have set up a programme to make sure that the espresso machine itself is built in a way that makes it easy to repair. But this would not be possible without the network of experienced Service Technicians we have. They make it possible to take care of any machine that for some reason might not be fit for sales, either due to wear and tear or because of a production error. This gives us both valuable insights on how to improve production as well as a chance to avoid e-waste, and bring new life to the espresso machine without taking the more resource-intensive recycling roundabout.

The circular espresso machine

As a result of Sjöstrand’s circular approach, we also have vintage espresso machines. The vintage machines are a big part of Sjöstrand’s sustainability programme. Whenever we get our hands on a machine that risks going to waste, it is sent to a Service Technician who makes sure to repair and test the machine, before returning it to us as a fully functioning vintage machine. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of the repair work that we don’t differ between vintage or new espresso machines when it comes to our product guarantee.

Sjöstrand offers free service on all espresso machines during the whole guarantee. And after this, we contribute with free spare-parts when you use our Service Technicians for repair work.

Circularity and vintage comes with other advantages as well. All our vintage espresso machines are classified into two different levels of wear and tear, which then sets the reduced price. You can therefor get yourself a really nice espresso machine at a very affordable discount by going vintage. Another fun thing with vintage is the untold stories they bring. We have had vintage espresso machines which served long in guide Michelin restaurants, as well as family homes.

By investing in a vintage machine, not only do you do good for the planet, you get yourself a piece of history as well.

The espresso machine for you

No matter if you are looking for a new or vintage machine, we believe that the Sjöstrand Espresso Machine fits your needs. The capsule machine fits the Nespresso capsule standard so there is a wide range of coffee you can choose between. But if you are looking for a sustainable alternative, we recommend you to go with Sjöstrand’s coffee capsules. They all contain high-quality and organic Arabica beans, the capsules are compostable and made of sugar cane fibers, a natural waste material from sugar production. And the coffee is climate-positive as Sjöstrand compensates for 110% of the emissions the coffee lets out from to cup.

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