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the finest Arabica coffee beans

Sjöstrand takes pride in serving a specialty coffee that's more than just a delicious brew. Our coffee capsules are crafted using the finest Arabica coffee beans from carefully selected coffee cooperatives, in Honduras, Peru, Columbia, Mexico, and Indonesia. These beans are organically grown, Fairtrade certified, and carbon-neutral roasted to produce an exceptional coffee that's also kinder to the environment. All of our capsules are plant-based and entirely biodegradable.
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We have partnered with a renowned coffee roastery that has been perfecting the art of roasting for over 143 years. Their passion for quality and sustainability has led them to invest heavily in energy-efficient roasting technology and innovative ways to recycle used coffee grounds. Their efforts have earned them recognition as one of the most sustainable roasteries in the world. At Sjöstrand, we believe in offering our customers the very best. That's why we have collaborated with our roastery to develop unique blends specifically designed for our capsules. The result is a richer taste and aroma that's unmatched in quality.

Premium quality with cupping score 82+, which makes the coffee a specialty coffee.

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