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Descaling your machine is a necessary part of keeping it fresh and ensuring the best-tasting coffee. Not descaling your machine can also lead to issues. For example, the machine can start leaking if the coffee cannot flow through it properly. The descaling process with Sjöstrand Descaling Tabs goes as followed:

1. Dissolve the descaling tab in 500 ml warm/hot (not boiling) water and stir thoroughly till it is dissolved.

2. Add the solution to the water tank and add cold water till the top.
Start the descaling procedure by pushing both buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds until they both start blinking. Push either button to start the procedure. When the whole solution has passed through the machine once, the descaling procedure is completed.

3. Rinse the machine by running at least about half a water tank (minimum 500 ml) of fresh water through the machine. You can do this again by starting the descaling procedure and interrupt it by pressing a button when completed.The rinsing is completed when the water coming out of the nozzle is clear and not longer foamy. Switch the machine off or press a button to end the procedure.

Surface cleaning


Coffee stains:
Use a damp cloth, like a microfibre cloth, with mild, non-abrasive cleaning detergent. Apply the detergent on the cloth and remove stains with circular movements. For stubborn stains, apply the liquid directly on the stain and let it sit for a moment before using the cloth.

For polishing of fingerprints or other grease stains, dry polish the surface with a damp cloth before, use detergent if non-effective.
Do not use metal polishing cream, it might cause micro scratches on the surface.
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cleaning of components


Cleaning the nozzle:
Cleaning the nozzle is recommended after 1-2 years of use to clean it from coffee residues. Pull the nozzle away from the machine in a 30 degree angle. Be forceful but slow to avoid breaking the hooks. Soak the nozzle in dish soap water for some minutes. Then, brush it from the inside to clean it and reinsert it by pressing it back into its original position.

Cleaning the water tank:
Clean the water tank from lime stains or sewage frequently by using a non-abrasive cloth and mild agent.

Cleaning of capsule container:
Remove the capsules from the container frequently and rinse with dishwashing liquid to avoid mould or bad smell.

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