The Rebello - A grateful ode to 20th century industry of Porto

The Rebello - A grateful ode to 20th century industry of Porto article image

Named after the “Rabelos” - wooden boats that transported barrels of local wine from the ancient vines of the Douro Valley to the port houses of Gaia. The Rebello is an industrial-chic hotel right on the banks of the Douro river. Built within the solid stonework of the 18th-century warehouses that raised Porto, our 5* hotel stands tall on the banks of the river that birthed it.

The hotel is art and poetry in design, bold and rebellious while still being a rare and refined temple of industrial chic, luxury without the white gloves.

It is a destination spa with an ancient origins indoor pool, it’s a place to work, a space that’s got our guests in mind. A stay here means having a reinvigorating space where body, mind and soul can become reconnected.

The combination of fabulous rooms that really make you feel at home and the staff that makes every experience amazing by being detail-oriented and by anticipating guests' needs, elevates the quality of the experience.

With the view of the Douro River from our Bello Rooftop, the guest can enjoy a variety of high-quality and well-prepared local and international dishes, without leaving the comfort of the property or even the room, if that is preferred. Having a Sjöstrand coffee machine in every room offers an easy and pleasant way to start the day or have an after meal treat, allowing the guests to be independent, so they can prepare for a full day of exploring and discovering all the unique places our city has to offer.


There is no bad time to visit The Rebollo, but if you are looking for the warm sun and not too many people around we recommend them to visit in the months
before or after the summer.


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