Sjöstrand is proud to announce the highly anticipated launch of their iconic coffee machine The Original in a sleek black finish. This latest addition to the Sjöstrand family not only demonstrate Scandinavian design at its finest but also offers a touch of sophistication and style that has been anticipated by customers. The black coffee machine will make its debut exclusively on the Sjöstrand website and at selected retailers such as at NK and Nordiska Galleriet in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

For us, launching our best-selling and most iconic product in a new color is a natural step forward, says John Ekeberg, CEO at Sjöstrand.

split-banner image
split-banner image

True to Sjöstrands commitment to impeccable design, the black coffee machine showcases a flawless fusion of form and function, seamlessly blending into any kitchen decor. Built with the same unwavering dedication to quality, it ensures a consistent temperature and precise water usage, resulting in the perfect extraction of flavors and aromas. Every cup brewed with a Sjöstrand coffee machine is a testament to the brand's dedication to providing a truly exceptional coffee experience.

In addition to the coffee machine, Sjöstrand is pleased to introduce the matching milk frother in black, allowing customers to create barista-quality cappuccinos, lattes, and hot chocolates from the comfort of their own homes. The black milk frother perfectly complements the coffee machine, offering a complete and harmonious coffee setup.


The matte black coffee machine is set at 4295 SEK / 429 EUR.

The milk frother is priced at 995 SEK / 95 EUR.