Capelongue - The  heritage and embodiment of Provence

Capelongue - The  heritage and embodiment of Provence article image

Overlooking the village of Bonnieux, Capelongue is a hamletthought around a village square. Living to the rhythm of local events,artist residences and festivals, the estate celebrates thecontemporary creativity, gastronomy and craftsmanship.


Capelongue reveals the quintessence elements of its surroundings, creating a perfect blend of discretion and comfort, where exclusivity is not merely luxury – it includes the unknown and hidden secrets of its location. 



During a stay at Capelongue, their hope is that guests will reconnect with the essential things in life: nature, wellbeing and people. By honouring their original vision of luxury: to offer a soulful experience in extraordinary natural environments.  

The rooms at Capelongue are exceptional places that offer a unique experiences and breathtaking viewsover the Petit Luberon and the village of Bonnieux. Waking up to these views, before enjoying your morning coffee is the perfect way to start the day. 



They choose to work with Sjöstrand because we shares their mission to create a timeless moment. The moment of making coffee can transform an individual into a moment of bliss. Capelongue’s rooms and suites are havens of peace, cushioned by the soft click of cicadas and bathed in the soft Provençal light.


You can always visit this beautiful hotel, but Spring to Summer is particularly delightful to enjoy the grounds and bask in the stripes of golden light.


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