For the Love of Coffee: The Art of Crafting the Perfect Cup

For the Love of Coffee: The Art of Crafting the Perfect Cup article image

Aadel Kersh is a man with a passion for coffee. Born and raised in a family of restaurateurs, he has become a leading food entrepreneur in Stockholm, together with his brothers. And with the opening of his latest restaurant in the historic Gustavsberg’s Porcelain factory, Aadel is set to elevate the city's already thriving fika culture to new heights.

For Aadel, coffee is more than just a beverage. It's an essential ingredient in all the things he loves in life, from the precision and skill required to create the perfect cup, to the connection it fosters between people. "To me, the interaction with other people is the main driver. For restaurants, food, and meetings, coffee is the common link," he explains.

In 2011, Aadel opened his first roastery, and since then, he has been focused on crafting special, or as he calls it, handcrafted coffee. "To refine the beans at their best and make a good coffee is the most important. We strive to maintain good relations with our suppliers in order to achieve a good process throughout the complete production chain," he says.

For Aadel, a good coffee is not just about having the right certificates. It's about having a holistic view of the entire production process. To achieve great quality, the farmer needs to have a well-defined cultivation process with a high level of skill, and that demands a well-functioning organization with farmers who focus resources on quality matters. As Aadel puts it, "It is not all organic coffee that is of high quality, but all high quality coffee is probably organic."

As a small roastery, Aadel has the flexibility to work with a number of small farmers to find the best coffee. But for him, good coffee is also about creating a nice workplace with a good culture and making efforts to improve the local community. "First of all, we're a local business. I love being part of people's daily life. So even if I want to grow my business, the most important thing for me is to win the local audience," he says.

This summer, Aadel is introducing a limited edition coffee blend in collaboration with Sjöstrand. His ambition has been to create a blend that not only confirms to the consumer that this is a good cup of coffee but also adds new flavors as a small surprise. The Arabica beans are from a small farm in Peru, owned by a friend's mother. With its juicy acidity, the beans are well-suited for a dark roast, and the berry flavors together with the light body is a tribute to the Swedish summer flavors.

As a coffee expert, Aadel wants to raise his voice for the coffee capsules. To make a great espresso at home, you still need a professional machine and grinder. So for many people, a capsule coffee machine and capsules are the most suitable way to enjoy good espresso and to have a great result for every brewing. From a sustainable perspective, it's also better, since it uses less coffee and creates less waste. And if the capsules are both organic and compostable, it's a no-brainer.

The Sjöstrand Limited Edition coffee is just the starting point for the collaboration. "I want to challenge myself and the industry and show that it is possible to combine function, comfort, and simplicity with craftsmanship and high quality. I'm really looking forward to developing the collaboration with Sjöstrand further and making a really good capsule coffee, in the holistic sense," says Aadel.

How to make Aadel’s Summer Coffee Drink


1 slice of orange
1 shot of Sjöstrand's summer coffee espresso
Ice cubes
Ice-cold milk
A piece of chocolate (optional)


Take a glass that can hold 2-2.5 dl (approximately 6-8 ounces).

Using the peel from the slice of orange, gently rub it along the edge and inside of the glass. This will infuse the glass with a hint of orange flavor. Be careful to avoid getting any orange juice in the glass, as it may affect the taste.

Brew a shot of espresso using Sjöstrand's summer coffee. If the glass doesn't fit under the coffee machine, you can remove the drip tray to create enough space.

Fill the glass with ice cubes, allowing them to cool the espresso and create a refreshing cold drink.

You can enjoy the ice latte immediately as it is or choose to top the glass with ice-cold milk for a creamier texture. Adjust the amount of milk according to your preference.

Note: Feel free to adjust the quantities and proportions according to your taste preferences.

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